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Monday, 1 October 2012

Is there anything creepier than dolls/mannequins/puppets or Chuck Connors? The answer is no, not really.

A few years a go, we did a Running Commentary Review of The Tourist Trap, and I'm still shaking... alright, maybe not literally, but It's honestly that kind of a creep-fest. This is a rare movie that just seems to get everything right, and does so on a budget of what I'm guessing had to be $78. There is something about mannequins/dolls/dummies moving by themselves and talking that is seriously eerie. The dirty and grimy look that most 70's horror flicks have just makes that creep-factor go up too. Add Chuck Connors to the mix, and you've got genuine terror on your hands. Check this hidden gem out, and do it alone... in the dark. Surrounded by dolls.

Trust us, you'll have a blast.

See you tomorrow for Day Two.

See, they're having a blast.


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