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Saturday, 6 October 2012

With Season Three of AMC's massive zombie hit, The Walking Dead, only a mere seven days away from it's premiere, we felt that we needed to go back and take another run through one of our favorite shows on TV. At only 6 episodes long, Season One of TWD isn't too hard to get through on a lazy afternoon. So what the hell, right?

We can still remember hearing that AMC was going to bring us a weekly TV show that centered around the Zombie Apocalypse. Not only were we in disbelief that a TV Network would dare make such a bold move and invest in a weekly drama about zombies, but we were excited and couldn't wait to see it. We needed it right then. We didn't want to wait.

Yeah, hole up n there. It doesn't look creepy or foreboding at all.

We were also concerned that it would suck, because come on, a weekly zombie show on basic cable? We just knew that it was bound to be a watered-down, safe, formula friendly show, because how much can a basic cable channel push the boundaries and break away from the norm, right?

The we realized that AMC already did that with their other excellent drama's like Breaking Bad, Mad Men and Rubicon. (*fuck the haters, we liked Rubicon. We're the only ones that did, but it was a good damned show!) We weren't worried anymore, because we knew that AMC would do this right.

And they absolutely did.

I hate some of these characters.

So for six weeks in 2010, we were glued to our sets on Sunday nights, fiending for our next zombie fix. We couldn't get enough of our hero Rick, who wakes up in a hospital to find the world gone to shit and overrun by zombies, and see his fight to stay alive and find his family. We got some good characters, a good story, and most important of all, a ton of hot zombie action.

Frank Darabont made it downright cinematic.

You can look at this show and take it to task for being slow, melodramatic, convoluted, nonsensical, or a bunch of other things, but we wont agree with you. It can be overly dramatic, and certain characters and their foolish actions definitely grate on the nerves, but overall this show is top notch.

It's a zombie show. On TV. Just enjoy it and don't sweat the small stuff.

We need more Lennie James on our TV's, AMC, so bring Morgan back! Now!


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