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Thursday, 13 December 2012

12-12-12 brought us the unveiling of the trailer for Guillermo Del Toro's monster-fighting epic, Pacific Rim. If you haven't seen it yet, then it means you're not a super-geek, so don't worry.

We've seen it about 20 times already (we're mega super-geeks) and all we can say is that July 12th, 2013 is going to be our best day ever.

Here, see for yourselves:

Kaiju and Jaegers and neural bridges, and Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy, and Hellboy, and Detective John Luther, and the dude from It's Always Sunny, and Dirt Diver from The Unit, and Giant Robots fighting Giant Monsters.... our heads are going to explode! The scale of this thing is just immense.

This movie looks like a big, crazy, overblown ball of fun. I mean with characters named, Raleigh Antrobus and Stacker Pentecost, how can it not be fun? Let not forget that Del Toro is one hell of a filmmaker too, and that he knows how to not only make a compelling actions flick, but how to tell a great story about the human condition.

Let's hope that this movie kills it, and it prompts the studio to finally take the chance and fully back Del Toro's At The Mountains of Madness dream project. He could do Lovecraft great justice.

On 7-12-13, Guillermo Del Toro changes the world. Of cinema. The cinema of that week, at very least.

The scale of it all.
Jax Teller is the man.
John Luther is also the man.
Elbow-thruster propelled punches!
Robot Jox?

Robot JAX!
Del Toro again with the "kids during wartime theme." It's his thing.
How did they load that on there?
The Dimensional Rift.
A Kaiju attacks...
... and this Jaeger's all like "Oh, hell no!"
The Neural Bridge.


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