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Monday, 26 November 2012

We've been so Blu-ray crazy lately that we're nearly out of money for this weeks releases, but we can still afford a few...

First and foremost, the must own movie of the week is Lawless. It's a great gangster flicks that came and went in theaters way too quick. We're grabbing this one for sure.

The Day was decent, as was The Rites of Spring, and they're both definitely worth a rental at least.

That's it though. There's not much else that we're interested in buying this week; Men in Black 3 sucked, The Apparition was awful, and we've vowed to own no movie starring Corey Feldman that was released after 1996's Bordello of Blood, because have you seen what he's starred in since then?

It's slim pickings this week for sure, but do not despair; next week we get The Dark Knight Rises on BD, so all will be well. We promise.



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