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Monday, 5 November 2012

The Producers and Writers of this show are not fucking around this year, are they?

This was easily one of the best episodes of Television that has aired all year, as it was full of so much craziness, heartbreak, and statusquo changing incident. It truly was phenomenal. This entire season has been a totally different beast from the forst two, and seems for focused and fast moving, so much so that we can't catch our breath.

We've seen Rick cut his friends leg off, execute one dude in cold blood, and pretty much leave another one to die; we've met the Governor, who has a collection of zombie heads that he stares longingly at, because he's insane; and now we've seen two members of the group die in one episode.

First off, We've always found Lori to be an annoying character, and we aren't sad at all to finally see her dead. We've actually hoped that she'd die, pretty much weekly, because we really hated her. That being said, her final scene with Carl and the way it all played out was definitely touching and sad.

Carl tends to annoy us too, but we were impressed with the way that he was all like "No, she's my Mom, I'll do it" when it came time to put one in her head so she wouldn't re-animate. Did he do it though? We didn't see him shoot her, so we won't know until next week. He probably did though.

Either way, it was heartbreaking stuff.

Did Carl cap her in the head, or will Lori show up sometime soon as a walker?

The real WTF!?! moment of the week came when T-Dog got himself bitten. At first we were all like "No way this shit can't be happening! They can't kill T-Dog!" We thought for a minute that maybe he might live, somehow... right up until he charged those zombies and held them off so that Carol could run... and then we were just floored to watch him be torn apart.

He went out like a hero, but it really, really sucks that he went out at all.

At first we thought T-Dog would end up being nothing more than a character that was around so that there would be a familiar face to kill off down the road somewhere. He wasn't just window dressing though; T-Dog may not have said much, but he was always there taking care of business (TCB), saving asses, and looking cool doing it.

We will miss T-Dog, our 2nd favorite character behind Daryl.

This makes us sad.

So only 4 episodes in, I'm not really sure how they top what has happened so far. Last night felt like a season finale, with all of it's huge incident, and there are still 12 episodes left before the season ends. I'm scared to see where it all goes from here.

Rick is probably going to go bathsit.
Carl is probably going to get really creepy.
I don't see the baby living long.
The Governor, if his actions follow the comics at all, is about to do some creepy shit to some people.
What will happen when Merle and Daryl are finally reunited?

All I'm saying is that if Daryl dies, this show is dead to me.

He's painting a happy little brain!


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